Thursday 22 October 2015

Computational modelling courses

Recently on twitter I asked for advice on computational modelling and/or computational neuroscience courses, in particular summer schools for early career researchers. I received quite a few suggestions so thought I would create a list for anyone else who is interested. Note, I only know about these courses through recommendations and/or the information on their website. For some, the link is for a previous years course, so I can't guarantee they are definitely still running. Still, I hope the list proves useful for some.

Computational modelling of cognition with applications to society

Advanced course in computational neuroscience

Computational psychiatry course (Zurich)

Computational psychiatry course (London)

Summer school in computational sensory-motor neuroscience (CoSMo)

Model-based neuroscience summer school

OIST computational neuroscience course

Brains, minds and machines

Computational neuroscience and the hybrid brain

ACT-R spring school and master class

If anyone else has further suggestions, I'm happy to continue to update this list. Just leave a comment with the link and name of the course.


  1. If you're interested in working with cognitive architectures (more large-scale models of cognition), you can come to the ACT-R spring school (

  2. Here are some additions.

    Some of the links are for the 2015 editions, but could look for the next edition.